New brand, new innovations, new sound... Music is passion, sensuality and desire.
The sound of the guitar floating in space, flatters not only the ears of the player, but especially the ears of his listeners. Graceful shapes, exceptionality of every detail, beauty of the natural wood decorated with jewels, makes each instrument a beautiful lady ready to submit to the hands of her master. Perfect harmony of formation, elegance, luxury and the best feeling of playing. The art of guitar construction and of choosing materials with sense of details are transferred into a unique instrument named Halabica guitar.
The style is directive, the purpose is primary. Original is just one.
Halabica is not just an instrument. It is a manifestation of uniqueness, matter of taste and life style. Each guitar stands out with an esthetical balance, symmetry and master processing. Transformation of pure and clear sound into a tangible form. The acoustical expression of the instrument raised by elegance of shapes lets everyone feel how much passion and perfection it is made with. Halabica guitar is a reflection of the best craftsmanship and experience.
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